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Temporary Resident Visas for Canada


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How to Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada

To apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada:

  • Download the temporary resident application kit and guide (in PDF). You can also contact the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate responsible for your area to have a temporary resident visa application kit mailed to you.

  • Read the guide carefully. Fees for temporary resident visa applications are not refundable, so be sure you are eligible for a temporary resident visa and can meet the requirements before you apply.

  • Complete the form and attach the required documents. If you don't follow all the instructions or don't provide the necessary documents, your application could be delayed. Sign and date your application. Double check that you have completed the application fully and that you have enclosed all the required documents. Make a copy of your application for your own records.

  • Pay the fee and get an official receipt. Check with your local visa office on fees and how to pay them.

  • Submit your application. For details on accepted methods of submitting your application, consult the visa office responsible for your area.

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