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Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Canada


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Documents Required to Apply for a Temporary Work Permit for Canada
In general the following documents are required to apply for a temporary work permit for Canada. Check the information provided in the application kit carefully for details and in case there are other documents required for your specific circumstances. There may also be additional local requirements, so contact your local visa office to verify that you have all the required documents before submitting your application for a temporary work permit.
  • proof of identity - a valid passport or travel document for you and each family member accompanying you. If the country that issued your passport requires a re-entry permit, you must have one before you apply for a temporary work permit for Canada. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, and Greenland do not need passports, but do need proof of status and citizenship. You must also supply two recent passport-size photos.


  • proof of employment in Canada - a written job offer or contract from your prospective employer


  • proof of qualifications - proof that you meet the requirements of the job, including educational requirements and work experience


  • HRDSC Confirmation - if required for your job, your prospective employer must get a labour market opinion and confirmation from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada(HRDSC) and provide you with the file identifier number


  • Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) - required if you are planning to work temporarily in the province of Quebec. Check the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles site for details.


  • immigration status in country of application - if you are not a citizen of the country in which you are applying, you must provide proof of your current immigration status.

You must also produce any additional documents requested.

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