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Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Canada


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Processing Times for Applications for Temporary Work Permits for Canada

Processing times vary greatly depending on the visa office responsible for processing your temporary work permit application. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada maintains statistical information on processing times to give you an idea of how long applications at different visa offices have taken in the past to use as a general guideline.

Citizens of certain countries may need to complete additional formalities which could add several weeks or longer to the normal processing time. You will be advised if these requirements apply to you.

If you require a medical exam, it could add several months to the application processing time. While generally no medical exam is required if you plan to stay in Canada for less than six months, it does depend on the type of job you will have and where you have lived for the past year. A medical exam and a satisfactory medical assessment will be required if you wish to work in health services, child care, or primary or secondary education. If you want to work in agricultural occupations, a medical exam will be required if you have lived in certain countries.

If you require a medical exam,a Canadian immigration officer will tell you and send you instructions.

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