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Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Canada


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Entering Canada as a Temporary Worker

When you arrive in Canada a Canada Border Services Agency officer will ask to see your passport and travel documents and ask you questions. Even if your application for a temporary work permit for Canada was approved, you must satisfy the officer that you are eligible to enter Canada and will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.


Documents Required to Enter Canada

Have the following documents ready to show the Canada Border Services Agency officer:

  • valid passport or travel document (citizens and permanent residents of the United States, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Greenland must provide proof of citizenship or permanent residence


  • temporary resident visa (if required)


  • your letter of offer of employment or employment contract


  • the letter of authorization confirming approval of your application for a temporary work permit for Canada


  • other documents recommended by the visa office where you applied

Your Temporary Work Permit for Canada

If you are allowed to enter Canada, the officer will issue your temporary work permit. Check the temporary work permit to make sure the information is accurate. The temporary work permit will set out conditions of your stay and work in Canada and may include:

  • the type of work you can do


  • the employer you can work for


  • where you can work


  • the length of time you can work in Canada

Making Changes to Your Temporary Work Permit

If at any time your circumstances change or you wish to change any of the terms and conditions on your temporary work permit for Canada, you must cpmplete and submit an Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Worker.

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