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Income Taxes in Canada - 2013

Use these Canadian income tax forms, schedules and information resources to help you file your 2013 personal income tax return in Canada.
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2013 General Income Tax Package
You'll need a Canadian income tax package to file your return. Here's how to get one online, in person, by phone or by mail.

Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes - The Basics
Check here to get the information you need to do your Canadian income taxes.

Penalties for Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes Late
If you owe income taxes, be sure to file on time, even if you don't have all the information. Late filing can mean both penalties and interest charges.

T4 Slips and Other Canadian Income Tax Slips
Common T4 and other income tax slips issued by employers, payers and administrators for Canadian taxpayers to use when filing their Canadian income tax returns.

NETFILE - Filing Income Taxes Online
With NETFILE you can file your personal income tax return online.

A Canadian federal government service for filing income tax returns online through a service provider, such as a tax preparer or accountant.

Children's Arts Tax Credit
This federal tax credit lets parents claim up to $500 in eligible fees for a wide range of arts and recreation programs for their children.

Children's Fitness Tax Credit
You may be able to claim a non-refundable tax credit for each child you enrol in an eligible program of physical activity.

First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC)
The First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit in Canada lets first-time home buyers claim a non-refundable tax credit that could mean as much as $750.

Public Transit Tax Credit
Check the details on eligible transit passes and this federal non-refundable tax credit should help cover your transit costs.

Tax-Free Savings Account
Starting in 2009, the Tax-Free Savings Account provides incentive for Canadians to save.

Canadian Income Tax Glossary
Definitions and information on terms commonly used when filing your Canadian income taxes.

Income Taxes A to Z
Use this alphabetical index to quickly get to the relevant tax information on the Canada Revenue Agency site.

Average Exchange Rates
If you're declaring international income, the Canada Revenue Agency has the Canadian monthly average exchange rates for many different currencies for the current and previous tax years.

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