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Minimum Wage in Canada

Minimim Wage Rates in Canada by Province


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Updated: 07/03/2014

These minimum wages are the minimum hourly wage rates set by the provinces and territories in Canada for experienced adult workers.

Province General Wage More Employment Standards
Alberta $9.95 Alberta Human Services
BC $10.25 B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
Manitoba $10.45 Manitoba Family Services and Labour
New Brunswick $10.00 New Brunswick Employment Standards
Newfoundland $10.00 Labour Relations Agency
NWT $10.00 Education, Culture and Employment
Nova Scotia $10.40 Labour and Advanced Education
Nunavut $11.00  
Ontario $11.00 Ministry of Labour
PEI $10.20 Environment, Labour and Justice
Quebec $10.35 Commission des normes du travail
Saskatchewan $10.00 Saskatchewan Labour Standards
Yukon $10.72 Employment Standards

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