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Legal Aid in Canada

If you can't afford a lawyer in Canada, you may be eligible for legal aid. Legal services and requirements for legal aid in Canada vary from province to province, so check the appropriate page to find out what applies in your province.

Legal Aid Alberta
Legal Aid Alberta provides a variety of legal services to help eligible Albertans with their legal needs.

British Columbia Legal Aid
The Legal Services Society of British Columbia gives the priority for free legal aid services to those with low incomes, but some services are available to all. Self-help publications and information are available too.

Legal Aid Manitoba
The different types of legal aid services in Manitoba, who can get legal aid, and answers to frequently asked questions.

New Brunswick Legal Aid
In New Brunswick, legal aid may be provided in criminal and family law matters. Here is a description of legal services and contact information from the New Brunswick Courts.

Newfoundland Legal Aid Commission
The Commission may provide legal representation for people with limited financial means in criminal, civil, family and youth matters.

Northwest Territories Legal Aid
Legal aid lawyers in the Northwest Territories handle serious criminal matters and some family and young offender matters.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid
A description of how the Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission works, who may be eligible for legal aid in Nova Scotia and how to contact a Legal Aid office near you.

Legal Aid Ontario
Eligibility requirements to get legal assistance in Ontario, the kinds of cases covered and how to apply.

PEI Legal Aid
Legal aid staff lawyers provide legal services to those whose financial situation prevents them from hiring a lawyer. Contact information for Charlottetown and Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Legal Aid in Quebec
Eligibility for legal aid in the province of Quebec and contact information. From the Commission des services juridiques.

Legal Aid Saskatchewan
Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides legal services for both criminal and civil matters to individuals and organizations who can't afford it otherwise.

Yukon Legal Aid
The Yukon Legal Services Society provides legal aid in the Yukon.

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