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Provincial Legislative Assemblies in Canada

The provincial and territory legislative assemblies in Canada are responsible for making and passing laws relevant to their regional and constitutional jurisdictions. Each Canadian province and territory has a unicameral, or single chamber, legislative assembly.
  1. Provincial Legislation

Member of the Legislative Assembly
Members of legislative assemblies in Canada have different titles depending on the province.

Members of Legislative Assemblies in Canada
Members of provincial and territory legislative assemblies in Canada.

Alberta Legislative Assembly
Information on Alberta bills, MLAs, and legislative procedures, as well as helpful background information on the history and traditions of the provincial legislative assembly.

British Columbia Legislative Assembly
Legislation for the province of British Columbia, a directory of British Columbia MLAs, and background and educational materials on the work of this provincial legislative assembly.

Manitoba Legislative Assembly
The Legislative Assembly of the province of Manitoba has good fact sheets on the legislature's operations, and you can also listen to Question Period live.

New Brunswick Legislative Assembly
Information on current and past sessions of the Legislative Assembly of the province of New Brunswick, House documents, members directory and a handy seating chart. Live Webcasts too.

Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly
Members directory, House business and committees, and the text and progress of bills.

Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
Members directory, Hansard, and committees, as well as information on the Northwest Territories consensus style of government.

Nova Scotia House of Assembly
House business and committees, a members directory and seating plan, and background information on the rules and operations of the House of Assembly of the province of Nova Scotia.

Nunavut Legislative Assembly
A growing collection of information on this legislative assembly includes current bills, legislative debates and background on committees.

Ontario Legislative Assembly
Comprehensive information on the Ontario Legislative Assembly, with House business, bills, searchable Hansard and committee information.

Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly
Information on members, bills, and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of the province of Prince Edward Island. Listen to live audio when the Assembly is sitting.

Quebec National Assembly
Detailed information on the role and organization of the Quebec National Assembly and its members.

Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
Includes salaries and allowances of MLAs and a selection of educational articles on the operations of the Legislative Assembly of the province of Saskatchewan, in addition to the MLA directory, searchable Hansard and committee information.

Yukon Legislative Assembly
The progress of legislation, members biographies and debates of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

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