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Magnets Lesson Plans K-8

These magnets lesson plans, experiments and activities can enhance teaching about magnets for Canadian elementary school teachers of science.

Magnet Mobile
This activity shows how to make a simple magnet mobile that appears to move on its own and demonstrates basic concepts about magents. From the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Magnets and Magnetism
Activities and a worksheet to teach inquiry-based exploration of magnets and magnetism. From the NYU Math, Science and Technology Enhancement Project.

Experiments With Magnets
Two quick and easy experiments with magnets for elementary school teachers of science. From University of Michigan Reach Out.

Build a Magnetometer
Canadian elementary school teachers can use this activity to show which materials are magnetic. Includes a lesson plan on practical uses of the magnetometer. From Windows to the Universe.

Polarity of Magnets
This lesson plan lets elementary school students ecplore and apply the concept of polarity of magnets. From Constance Bailey on Teachers.net.

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