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Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana laws are being reformed in Canada to decriminalize, not legalize, casual marijuana use, but at the same time increase criminal penalties for marijuana growers.
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New Impaired Driving Laws Come Into Force in Canada
New laws making it easier for police to investigate impaired driving and for prosecutors to prosecute impaired drivers took effect in Canada in July 2008.

Marijuana Reform Bill
This bill to reform Canadian marijuana laws was introduced several times by Liberal governments in Canada, but never passed. The Conservative government elected in January 2006 says it does not plan to re-introduce the bill.

Issue - Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada
With two reports from committees of Parliament, the sides line up on government plans to decriminalize marijuana in Canada.

Senate Says Pot is Not a Gateway Drug
A Canadian Senate Committee says marijuana should be treated like tobacco not like harder drugs.

Slang Terms for Marijuana
You're probably familiar with "pot," "weed," and "Mary Jane," but there are dozens of other words used for marijuana and cannabis. Here's a list from Denise Witmer, About Guide to Parenting of Adolescents.

What is Marijuana?
A useful set of resources on marijuana. Some of the information is specific to the United States, but much applies in Canada. From Denise Witmer, About Parenting of Adolescents.

Marijuana Party of Canada
This federal political party in Canada has not elected any members of parliament, but does regularly field candidates and promotes the end of marijuana prohibition in Canada.

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