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Medical Marijuana in Canada

Check into the laws and regulations covering the supply and use of marijuana in Canada for medical reasons.

Medical Marijuana Regulations in Canada
The Canadian federal government has issued new regulations improving access to medical marijuana for the seriously ill.

2000 Ontario Court Ruling on Medical Marijuana
A 2000 Ontario Court of Appeals decision said the Canadian federal government must put a law in place to allow people to use marijuana for medical reasons, or it will no longer be a crime to smoke or grow marijuana in Ontario.

Health Canada - Medical Use of Marijuana
Information from the Health Canada office which coordinates the regulations allowing individuals access to marijuana for medical reasons. Application forms available here.

Government Sells Medical Marijuana
The federal government sells marijuana seeds or dried marijuana to patients authorized to receive medical marijuana.

Canadian Cannabis Coalition
A coalition advocating the therapeutic use of marijuana for people with chronic illnesses.

Prairie Plant Systems of Saskatoon
Information on the company and contract of the official supplier of medical and research marijuana for the federal government of Canada.

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