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Canadian Military and Defence

Find out about the Canadian army, navy and air force, and other federal government organizations involved in military and defence matters in Canada.
  1. Canada at War

Canadian Forces Recruitment
Whether it's the Army, Navy or Air Force, the Canadian Forces help subsidize education, and they're looking for people in nearly all occupations.

Department of National Defence (DND)
The Minister of National Defence manages and directs the Canadian Armed Forces, and all matters relating to the defence of Canada.

Royal Canadian Air Force
News, people, aircraft, videos and much more information on the Royal Canadian Air Force at home and abroad.

Air Reserve
The growing Air Reserve complements the national emergency capability of the Canadian Air Force and supports the regular Air Force in peacetime tasks.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
The Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa tells the history of aviation, with more that 130 aircraft as well as adventures for all ages.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)
Canada surpassed all goals for training air crew for the Allies in World War II.

Canadian Army
History, role, missions and reference material on the Canadian Army.

Canadian Army Reserve Jobs
Learn about working part-time for the Canadian Army in the Canadian Army Reserve.

Royal Canadian Navy
The fleet, the future, history and careers in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Canadian Naval Reserve
Four thousand reservists help safeguard Canadian maritime security, providing harbour defence, naval control of shipping, and port inspection diving teams.

Canadian Forces Health Services
This group provides provide full spectrum, high quality health services to the Canadian Forces.

Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG)
The JAG is the Canadian government's senior legal advisor on military, and is responsible for administration of the military justice system.

Canadian Forces College
Provides professional development for Canadian military officers. Founded in 1843 as the RCAF War Staff College.

Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)
Canadian military university in Kingston, Ontario. Established by an Act of Parliament in 1874.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
Provides benefits and services to Canadian veterans, qualified civilians and their families.

Canadian War Museum
Canada's national military history museum in Ottawa. It also serves as a research centre for Canada's military past.

National Search and Rescue Secretariat
Coordinates federal government search and rescue activities of six Canadian government organizations, and works with provincial emergency and police services to standardize quality and quantity of service.

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