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Monarchy in Canada

The monarchy still plays a ceremonial role in Canada. Find out about Queen Elizabeth II, Royal visits and protocol, kings and queens in history, and the Governor General of Canada.
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Prince Charles and Camilla Royal Visit to Canada 2014
Prince Charles and Camilla Chose a Fascinating Collection of Innovative Organizations to Visit on Their Royal Tour of Canada in 2014.

Queen Elizabeth Biography
Since she came to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth has maintained close ties and a warm relationship with Canada.

Prince Philip Biography
As well as supporting the Queen in her Royal duties, Prince Philip carries a heavy slate of official public duties himself.

Prince Charles Biography
Prince Charles has been heir to the throne since he was three years old. Here's how he's been training for the job.

Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall - Biography
Camilla is warm and friendly and seems to bring out the best in Prince Charles on their Royal tours.

Prince William Biography
In 2011, Prince William and his bride Kate toured Canada for nine days and started a new relationship with the country.

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge
With a new baby and a full plate of public engagements and charities, the Duchess of Cambridge is becoming a very busy Royal.

Modernizing the Royal Succession Laws
Commonwealth leaders have agreed to make changes to the succession laws to allow a first-born female to inherit the throne, and to allow the King or Queen to marrry a Catholic.

Line of Succession of the British Monarchy
A short list of members of the Royal Family in line to succeed to the British throne.

The New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Keeping with tradition, the Queen conferred new titles on Prince William on his wedding day.

Royal Wedding Date is Set
Prince William and Kate Middleton have set the date and place for their wedding in the spring of 2011.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are Engaged
Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton, with the wedding expected in the spring or summer of 2011.

Queen Unveils Oscar Peterson Statue
On the Queen's visit to Ottawa in July 2010, she was greeted with enthusiasm as she unveiled a larger-than-life bronze statue of the late Canadian jazz great Oscar Peterson.

Royal Visit for Canada Day 2010
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip join Canadians to celebrate Canada Day in 2010, with a nine-day tour.

Royal Visits to Canada of Queen Elizabeth
Since her accession to the Throne in 1953, Queen Elizabeth has made 22 official Royal visits to Canada. Here is a brief outline of those Royal visits.

Prince Charles and Camilla Visit Canada in November 2009
Highlights of the Royal visit by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall to Canada for 11 days in November 2009.

Kings and Queens of Canada
Kings and Queens of Canada and their reigns since Canadian Confederation in 1867.

Canadian Monarchy Glossary
Index of Canadian government terms related to the monarchy in Canada.

Prince Charles Tours Canada in 2001
Prince Charles visits Ottawa, Saskatchewan and the Yukon in Canada in 2001.

Prince Philip Visits Toronto
In April 2013, Prince Philip flew in to Toronto to present colours to the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment and received some honours himself.

The British Monarchy
Queen Elizabeth II of England is also the Queen of Canada. This is the official Web site - with information on the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences, and the Crown jewels.

The Queen in Canada
The history and role of the monarchy in Canada.

Royal Visits to Canada
This is a list of the private and official Royal visits to Canada, going back to 1786. From the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Royal Protocol
If you have an opportunity to meet the Queen or other members of the Royal Family, these guidelines will help with what to say, whether to curtsy or bow, how to dress and how to handle toasts and meals. From Canadian Heritage.

Royal Anthem "God Save the Queen"
History and protocol, as well as lyrics and audio for "God Save the Queen." From Canadian Heritage.

Write to the Queen
How to write a letter to the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, and where to send your letters. From Canadian Monarchist Online.

Canadian Monarchist Online
This site is devoted to countering "republican myths" and includes an online petition in support of the monarchy in Canada.

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