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Money and Taxes in Canada

Find out about money in Canada, including the banks in Canada, Canadian currency and how to handle your personal finances and taxes.
  1. Canadian Banks
  2. Government Budgets
  3. Government Spending
  4. Income Taxes (71)
  5. Personal Finance (87)
  6. Canadian Currency (17)
  7. Calculators for Canadians (9)

Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes - The Basics
Find the basics on Canadian income taxes, from who has to file a return, how to find the forms and your personal tax information, and even how to change your return.

Canadian Income Tax Glossary
Definitions and information on terms commonly used when filing your Canadian income taxes.

Canadian Sales Tax Rates
Find out the current GST, HST and provincial sales tax rates in Canada by province and territory.

Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
Ontario combines its provincial sales tax and the federal goods and services tax to create a single harmonized sales tax (HST).

Tax-Free Savings Account
Starting in 2009, the Tax-Free Savings Account provides incentive for Canadians to save.

Unclaimed Bank Balances in Canada
How to find and claim forgotten bank balances in Canada, free of charge.

Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates
Convert specific amounts to and from Canadian dollars. From the Bank of Canada.

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