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Mortgages in Canada

Learn about mortgages in Canada, including deciding if you should buy a house and what you can afford.

Canadian Rules for Mortgages Change Again in 2012
Tighter rules are introduced for government-backed insured mortgages.

Canadian Mortgage Rules Tightened in 2011
The Canadian federal government has stepped in to tighten the rules on government-insured mortgages as household debt in Canada continues to rise.

Rules for Government-Guaranteed Mortgages Change in 2008
The Canadian federal government tightens the rules for government-guaranteed mortgages effective October 15, 2008.

Understanding Mortgages - CHBA
The Canadian Home Builders Associaton (CHBA) explains mortgages, including definitons, types of mortgages, how to figure out what you can afford, getting mortgage apporval, and mortgage insurance.

CanadaMortgage.com Learning Centre
Articles on mortgages in Canada, for buyers, sellers and realtors. Includes reverse mortgages, pre-qualifying for a mortgage and payment options.

All About Mortgages
Learn about buying your first home, renewing and renegotiating your mortgage, how to pay your mortgage off faster, and both the rights and responsibilities of having a mortgage. From the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance
With this Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) program, Canadians can buy a home with a downpayment as low as five percent.

Mortgage Calculators
Use these calculators to estimate the maximum amount of motgage you can afford, and your monthly payments. From CMHC.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - CMHC
CMHC provides a variety of financial assistance programs to encourage affordable housing for Canadians, including mortgage loan insurance.

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