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Date of New Brunswick Provincial Election

Date of Next New Brunswick Election and How Election Dates are Decided


Date of the Next New Brunswick Election

The next New Brunswick general election will be held on Monday September 22, 2014.

How New Brunswick Election Dates are Decided

New Brunswick now has fixed dates for general elections. The dates of New Brunswick provincial elections were set by An Act to Amend the Legislative Assembly Act in 2007.

New Brunswick general elections are to be held every four years, on the fourth Monday in September, beginning in 2010.

In the following circumstances a general election could be held on a different date:

  • if the Premier is of the opinion the fixed date is not suitable because it conflicts with a day of cultural or religious significance, the election date would be changed to either the Monday immediately before or after the fixed election date.

  • if the fixed date is in conflict with a federal election, the election date would be changed to either the fourth Monday in August or the fourth Monday in October.

  • if the government loses a non-confidence vote, triggering an election. This could happen quite easily if there is a minority government.

  • if the Lieutenant-Governor uses his power to dissolve the legislative assembly.

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