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Organized Crime in Canada

Find out about organized crime in Canada and Canadian government actions to prevent and control it. Includes information on biker gangs, money laundering, smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs.

Organized Crime Goes Global
The globalization of the world economy and sophisticated technology are creating new trends in organized crime says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Organized Crime in Canada
An overview of organized crime in Canada, from the RCMP.

Impact of Organized Crime
A short overview of how organized crime affects the daily lives of Canadians. From the RCMP.

Biker Gangs in Canada
CBC backgrounder on biker gangs in Canada, especially in Quebec, and Canada's anti-gang law.

Money Laundering in Canada
A preventative guide to inform both big and small businesses in Canada on how they can be used to launder money. From the RCMP.

International Money Laundering
Canadian federal government efforts to prevent money laundering by international organized crime. From the federal government Department of Foreign Affairs.

Independent Canadian federal government agency responsible for collecting information to detect and prevent money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

CISC Annual Reports on Organized Crime
CISC reports annually on national intelligence priorities and issues related to organized crime in Canada.

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