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Parliament in Canada

Find your way around the Canadian Parliament with this information on the House of Commons and Senate, members of parliament and senators, and how bills become law in Canada.
  1. House of Commons (63)
  2. Senate (56)
  3. Governor General
  4. Officers of Parliament (21)
  5. Legislative Process
  6. Federal Elections

Parliament of Canada - An Introduction
Learn the basics about the Parliament of Canada, the legislative branch of the Canadian federal government.

Canadian Members of Parliament
Current federal members of parliament in Canada.

Canadian Parliament Glossary
Definitions of Canadian government terms relating to Parliament in Canada.

Preserving the Canadian Parliament Buildings
A massive renovation project is underway to preserve Canada's Parliament Buildings.

Canadian Parliament Buildings Fire of 1916
A fire swept through the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament Buildings on a freezing February night in 1916, killing seven people and reducing the Centre Block to a shell of icy rubble.

Pictures of Canadian Parliament Buildings Fire 1916
Pictures of the fire that destroyed the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in 1916.

Role of Parliamentary Secretaries
The main responsibilities of a parliamentary secretary in working with parliament, government departments and policy development.

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