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Ontario Party Leaders

Meet the leaders of the major Ontario provincial political parties.

Kathleen Wynne - Premier of Ontario
In 2013 Kathleen Wynne won the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party, making her the province's first woman premier as well as first openly gay premier. Wynne and the Liberals won a majority in the 2014 Ontario provincial election.

Jim Wilson - Interim Leader of the Ontario PC Party
The long-time MPP from Simcoe-Grey fills in when Tim Hudak resigns as leader after the party lost nine seats in the 2014 Ontario provincial election. Wilson vows to include the caucus in party decisions. He does not intend to run for leader.

Andrea Horwath - Leader of the Ontario NDP
Hamilton native Andrea Horwath replaced Howard Hampton as Ontario NDP leader in March 2009. An MPP since 2004, Horwath is a former community organizer and city councillor.

Mike Schreiner - Leader of the Green Party of Ontario
A businessman who operated his own food distribution business and promotes local and natural foods, Mike Schreiner was elected leader of the Green Party of Ontario in 2009.

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