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Personal Income Taxes in Canada

Find what you need to file your personal Canadian income tax returns, including information on electronic filing, the income tax package, forms and schedules, and supplementary information on income tax benefits and deductions.
  1. RRSPs in Canada
  2. Income Taxes 2013 (15)
  3. Income Taxes in Canada - Previous Years (14)
  4. Tax Slips (10)

Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes - The Basics
Information you need to get started filing your taxes, including the deadline, where to get the forms, how to access your personal tax information online, and where to get help.

Where to Get a Canadian Income Tax Package
Need a Canadian income tax package? Here's how to get one.

T4 Slips and Other Canadian Income Tax Slips
Information on the most common T4 and other income tax slips sent to Canadian taxpayers to use when filing their income tax returns.

Quick Access Income Tax and Benefit Service
This service gives individuals immediate access to some basic personal tax and benefit information as long as they provide the required identification.

My Account Tax Service
Registering for CRA's My Account tax service gives you secure online access to an ever-increasing amount of your personal tax information and also lets you manage some of that information online.

Ways to File Your Canadian Income Taxes
You have a choice in how to file your income taxes. Choose the method that suits your tax situation and your personal circumstances the best.

NETFILE - Filing Income Taxes Online
How to use NETFILE to file your personal income taxes online.

With EFILE, Canadian income tax returns are filed online through a service provider, such as a tax preparer or accountant.

Ways to Pay Your Personal Canadian Income Taxes
You can pay the balance owing on your Canadian personal income taxes using online or telephone banking, through the CRA's My Payment Service, by mail or at a Canadian financial institution.

Check on Your Tax Refund in Canada
How to check the status of your Canadian income tax refund.

Direct Deposit of Canadian Tax Payments
How to arrange direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Help With Your Canadian Income Taxes
Where to get answers to specific questions you have about your Canadian income taxes.

Volunteer Income Tax Preparation Clinics
Volunteers offer help in preparing Canadian income tax returns for low-income Canadians at free clinics across Canada.

How to Change Your Canadian Income Tax Return
If you need to change your income tax return, wait until you get your Notice of Assessment. Here's how to do it.

Taxpayer Relief From Canadian Tax Penalties or Interest
You can apply to have tax penalties or interest reduced if they resulted from certain circumstances beyond your control.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
Description of a registered education savings plan (RESP) in Canada.

Home Buyers Plan
This Canada Revenue Agency plan lets first-time home buyers in Canada use RRSP savings to buy a house without paying taxes on the withdrawal.

Tax-Free Savings Account
Starting in 2009, the Tax-Free Savings Account provides incentive for Canadians to save.

Canadian Income Tax Glossary
Definitions and information on terms commonly used when filing your Canadian income taxes.

Canadian Registered Charities
A searchable list of all Canadian charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Child and Family Benefits
Information on the Canada Child Tax Benefit, Children's Special Allowances, and related provincial and territorial programs. From the Canada Revenue Agency.

Income Taxes for People with Disabilities
A quick reference of income tax publications and forms for people with disabilities.

International Residents
Check this Canada Revenue Agency page if you are living outside Canada and have questions on paying Canadian income tax.

Seniors and Canadian Income Taxes
Canadian income tax information for seniors, including how to handle pension income, paying by instalments and how to handle a death. From the Canada Revenue Agency.

Students and Canadian Income Taxes
Information and forms for students doing their Canadian income taxes. From the Canada Revenue Agency.

Income Tax Offices Across Canada
Phone numbers and addresses for Canada Revenue Agency income tax centres across Canada.

Canada Revenue Agency - CRA
Description of the Canadian federal agency responsible for the administration of tax laws.

How to Change Your Address With the CRA
Keep your address up to date with the CRA so you don't miss any benefit payments, tax refunds or notices.

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