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Quick Access Income Tax and Benefit Service

Get Quick Access to Basic Canadian Personal Income Tax and Benefit Information


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Updated: 02/13/2014

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an online service called Quick Access which provides fast and easy access to some of your basic Canadian personal income tax and benefit account information. The Quick Access service is for individual taxpayers only and is not available for client representatives. Quick Access hours of service are 21 hours a day.

Income Tax and Benefit Information Available With Quick Access

The Quick Access service provides immediate access to some of the information available from the My Account tax service. Information available with Quick Access is:

You can also request a personalized remittance voucher through Quick Access.

Information Needed to Use Quick Access

To use the Quick Access service, you need to provide:

  • your social insurance number (SIN)
  • your date of birth
  • the Total Income amount you entered on line 150 of the most current filed and processed income tax return from the last two tax years.

Computer Requirements to Use the Service

To be able to use the Quick Access service, your browser must support TLS 1.0 or SSL 3.0. The following Web browsers work with the Quick Access service:

  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Mozilla Firefox 15, 16 and 17
  • Safari 4, 5 and 6
  • Chrome 29, 30 and 31
  • (More recent versions of these browsers and other browsers may work but have not been fully tested by the CRA.)

You must have cookies enabled in your browser settings.

You must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings.

To protect the security of your information, be sure to clear your browser's cache after you use Quick Access.

Start Quick Access

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