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Postal Services in Canada

Look up Canadian postal codes, U.S. zip codes and U.K. postcodes, check postage rates, find a postal outlet in Canada or collect Canadian stamps.
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Canada Post Phasing Out Home Mail Delivery
Canada Post begins a five-year plan to eliminate door-to-door mail delivery to save money.

Stamp Prices Go Up in 2014
As part of its plan to make changes to the postal system, Canada Post will raise the price of stamps drastically at the end of March 2014, and it has suspended the sale of permanent stamps so you can't stock up on them ahead of time.

Major Changes in the Postal System
Canada Post is cutting out home delivery and raising prices as it tries to get back to financial sustainability by 2019.

Postal Codes for Canada
Look up postal codes in Canada, as well as U.S. zip codes and U.K. postcodes.

Postal Abbreviations for Provinces in Canada
These two-letter abbreviations of the provinces and territories of Canada are the official Canada Post abbreviations to use when addressing mail for Canada.

Postage Rates Up in 2013
Postage rates went up again on January 14, 2013.

Shopping Online and Shipping to Canada
Charges you can expect when you have goods shipped to Canada.

Mailing Gifts to Canada
Keep the cost of your gifts under the exemption limit to save on duties and taxes for most gifts you mail to Canada.

Suspicious Mail
Security tips for handling suspicious mail in Canada.

Change Your Postal Address Online
When you move, you can change your Canadian mailing address online using a tool from Canada Post.

Redirect Your Canadian Mail
You can also change your postal address at postal outlets across Canada. Here are simple steps to take to have your Canadian mail redirected if you are moving.

Canadian Postage Rates
Find postage rates for Canada, the United States and for international mail, as well as for special services. From Canada Post.

Find a Post Office in Canada
Use this handy Canada Post tool to locate the nearest post office in Canada by postal code, address or intersection.

Track a Parcel
How to track a parcel sent by Canada Post. Be sure to check the tracking tips on the right hand side.

Customs Information for Mail to Canada
Canada Customs duties, taxes and restrictions on items sent to Canada by mail. From the Canada Border Services Agency.

Canadian Stamps for Collectors
Latest releases of Canadian stamps, stamp collections catalogue and ordering information. From Canada Post.

Chronology of Canadian Postal History
From 1500 to 2010, follow the evolution of postal services in Canada in this illustrated chronology from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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