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Nunauvt Premier Eva Aariak


About Eva Aariak:

Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak was the only woman elected to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly in the 2008 Nunavut election. She succeeds Paul Okalik who had been Premier of Nunavut since it became a territory of Canada in 1999. Eva Aariak's background includes five years as the Nunavut Languages Commissioner where she worked to demonstrate that three languages - Inuktitut, English and French - can successfully coexist. Eva Aariak has also worked as a CBC reporter, as a teacher, and as the operator of an arts and crafts store in Iqaluit.

Premier of Nunavut:

2008 to present


Born in Arctic Bay


  • CBC reporter
  • teacher
  • Languages Commissioner of Nunavut
  • owner and operator of arts and crafts store in Iqaluit

Political Affiliation:

The Nunavut Legislative Assembly operates on a consensus system, rather than by party politics.


Iqaluit East

Political Career of Eva Aariak:

  • Eva Aariak was first elected to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly in the 2008 Nunavut territory election.

  • Eva Aariak was selected by her peers as the second Premier of Nunavut in 2008, succeeding Paul Okalik.

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