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Frank McKenna


Frank McKenna - Former Premier of New Brunswick

Frank McKenna - Former Premier of New Brunswick

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About Frank McKenna:

Frank McKenna served as New Brunswick Premier for 10 years. His focus on job creation and government reform and his active and upbeat promotion transformed New Brunswick from a sleepy province to an attractive centre for new investment. Frank McKenna was appointed Canadian Ambassador to the United States in 2005. He resigned as Ambassador when the Conservative Party came into power in early 2006. Frank McKenna is currently Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group.

Canadian Ambassador to the United States:

2005 to 2006

Premier of New Brunswick:

1987 to 1997

Highlights as Premier of New Brunswick:

  • Government reforms led to surplus budgets and debt reduction.

  • Call-centre policy created 9000 new call centre jobs in New Brunswick.

  • Introduced a workfare system designed to get social assistance recipients into meaningful jobs.

  • Reformed the New Brunswick workers compensation program.

  • Reforms in the education sector included mandatory testing and a focus on science and computer literacy


January 19, 1948, in Apohaqui, New Brunswick


  • BA - St. Francis Xavier University
  • LL.B - University of New Brunswick

Professional Background of Frank McKenna:

  • Lawyer

  • After leaving politics in 1997, Frank McKenna returned to the practice of law and also served on a number of corporate boards

  • Chairman of the board of CanWest Global Communications Corp

  • In May 2006, Frank McKenna was appointed Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group.

Political Affiliation:


  • Chatham 1982-95
  • Miramichi-Bay du Vin 1995-97

Political Career of Frank McKenna:

  • Frank McKenna started his political career as a special assistant to Allan J. MacEachen, the President of the Privy Council, in 1971.

  • He was first elected to the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly in 1982.

  • In 1985, Frank McKenna was elected Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick.

  • Frank McKenna led the New Brunswick Liberals to overwhelming victory in the New Brunswick general election of 1987, winning every seat in the legislative assembly.

  • Frank McKenna was sworn in as Premier of New Brunswick October 27, 1987.

  • He resigned as Premier exactly 10 years later in 1997, saying 10 years was long enough for any one person to be Premier.

  • Frank McKenna was appointed Canadian Ambassador to the United States in 2005 by Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

  • Frank McKenna submitted his resignation as Ambassador to the United States when a Conservative government was elected in the Canadian general election in January 2006. Michael Wilson was appointed to follow him as ambassador.

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