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Gary Doer


About Gary Doer:

Winnipeger Gary Doer became Premier of Manitoba in 1999 when he led the NDP to power after 11 years of Progressive Conservative government in Manitoba. As Premier of Manitoba, Gary Doer has combined the traditional NDP emphasis on social programs with a middle of the road ecomomic policy of balanced budgets and paying down debt. A moderate socialist, Gary Doer tends to be cautious and practical.

Canadian Ambassador to the United States:

2009 to present

Premier of Manitoba:

1999 to 2009


March 31, 1948 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Professional Career:

  • Guard at youth detention centre

  • President of civil service union

Political Party:

New Democratic Party - NDP

Riding (Electoral District):


Political Career of Gary Doer:

  • Gary Doer was first elected to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in 1986.

  • He was appointed Minister of Urban Affairs in 1986.

  • In 1987, Gary Doer became Minister of Crown Investments and Minister Responsible for the Manitoba Telephone System.

  • Gary Doer was elected Leader of the Manitoba New Democratic Party in 1988.

  • He became Leader of the Official Opposition in 1990.

  • In 1999, Gary Doer was sworn in as Premier of Manitoba.

  • In August 2009, Gary Doer announced he would be stepping down as Premier of Manitoba.

  • The next day Prime Minister Stephen Harper named Gary Doer as the new Canadian Ambassador to the United States.

  • Gary Doer was succeeded as Leader of the Manitoba NDP and as Premier of Manitoba by Greg Selinger.

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