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Provincial Cabinets in Canada

Check these listings of cabinets or executive councils in each of the provinces and territories of Canada for biographies, photos and contact information for provincial and territory cabinet ministers.
  1. Provincial Premiers Canada

Role of Provincial Premiers
The provincial premier decides on the size and membership of the provincial cabinet, chairs cabinet meetings and controls the cabinet agenda.

Canadian Cabinet Glossary
Canadian government terms relating to cabinet in Canada.

Alberta Executive Council
Photos, biographies and contact information for Alberta cabinet ministers.

British Columbia Executive Council
Photographs and biographies of the cabinet ministers in the British Columbia Executive Council.

Manitoba Executive Council
Biographies, photos and email addresses of the members of the Manitoba Executive Council.

New Brunswick Executive Council
Biographies, photos and related links to information on New Brunswick cabinet ministers.

Newfoundland Cabinet Ministers
Biographies of Newfoundland cabinet ministers.

Northwest Territories Cabinet Members
Biographies, photos and contact information for NWT cabinet ministers.

Cabinet of the Province of Nova Scotia
Photos and biographies of members of the Nova Scotia cabinet.

Nunavut Cabinet
Biographies, photos and areas of responsibility of Nunavut ministers.

Ontario Cabinet
Biographies and links to the ministries of Ontario cabinet ministers.

PEI Executive Council
The role of executive council in Prince Edward Island and biographies and responsibilities of executive council members.

Quebec Cabinet
Photos and biographies of Quebec cabinet ministers.

Saskatchewan Executive Council
Biographies, photos and contact information for the Saskatchewan cabinet.

Yukon Cabinet Ministers
Photos and links to profiles of Yukon cabinet ministers.

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