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Provincial Health Care in Canada

Provincial government health care programs deliver the Canadian national system of health and hospital insurance and health care services.
  1. Alberta Health (8)
  2. BC Health (11)
  3. Manitoba Health (8)
  4. New Brunswick Health (8)
  5. Newfoundland Health Care (7)
  6. NWT Health Care (7)
  7. Nova Scotia Health (10)
  8. Nunavut Health (5)
  9. Ontario Health (11)
  10. PEI Health Care (7)
  11. Quebec Health Care (6)
  12. Saskatchewan Health (8)
  13. Yukon Health Care (7)

2013 Flu Shots and Clinics in Canada
Check here to find information on this year's seasonal flu shot in your province and where to find a flu shot clinic near you.

BC Government to Help Smokers Quit
BC will fund nicotine replacement aids and cover smoking cessation prescription drugs under BC PharmaCare beginning September 30, 2011.

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