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Canadian Provinces and Territories

Delve into information and facts on each of the ten Canadian provinces and three Canadian territories, including government, geography, history and travel. Find information by Canadian province or by topic.
  1. Provinces by Topic (19)
  2. Alberta (17)
  3. British Columbia (17)
  4. Manitoba (15)
  5. New Brunswick (16)
  6. Newfoundland and Labrador (18)
  7. Northwest Territories (16)
  8. Province of Nova Scotia (19)
  9. Nunavut (17)
  10. Ontario (18)
  11. Prince Edward Island (16)
  12. Quebec (18)
  13. Saskatchewan (15)
  14. Yukon Territory (15)

Key Facts About Canadian Provinces
Key facts on the provinces and territories of Canada - geography, government and industry.

Capital Cities of Canadian Provinces
The capital cities of Canada - the national capital and capital cities of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Origin of Names of Canadian Provinces
It's surprising how many Canadian provincial names have to do with water.

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