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PEI Voters Lists

Voters Lists for PEI Provincial Elections


Updated: 09/27/11

Confirmation Process in PEI Provincial Elections

There is no permanent register of voters in PEI.

A confirmation of electors or enumeration in order to compile a list of eligible voters within each PEI electoral district is begun within 48 hours of the provincial election writ and is completed within seven days of the issuance of the writ.

The confirmation records are forwarded to the Chief Electoral Officer to prepare the preliminary List of Electors.

Registration of Electors

If you are an eligible voter and are missed during the confirmation process you can have your name added to the List of Electors by giving the necessary information to the returning officer for your electoral district up to 13 days before election day.

Adding Your Name to the Voters List at the Polls

If your name is not on the final List of Electors, you may still cast your ballot on election day by going to your polling station and swearing an oath of eligibility. To confirm your identity, be sure to bring a copy of an official document showing your name, address, date of birth and signature, such as a drivers licence, or a combination of two documents providing that information.

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