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Quit Smoking

Quit smoking with help from these Canadian resources, including the health benefits of quitting smoking, the health risks of tobacco use, and where to find support groups and programs in Canada.

12 Tips to Quit Smoking for New Years
Make it a permanent change in your life this time, with these tips and the help and support from About.com Smoking Cessation.

BC Program to Help Smokers Quit Begins
In 2011, the BC government introduced a program to fund nicotine replacement aids and smoking cessation prescription drugs under BC PharmaCare. Here's how it works.

About.com Smoking Cessation
E-mail courses, detailed information for before and after you quit, and a supportive forum. An American site, but most of the resources are useful for Canadians too. From Terry Martin, About.com Smoking Cessation.

Cigarette Displays Banned in Ontario and Quebec
In 2008 Ontario and Quebec banned the display of tobacco products where they are sold, especially in convenience stores.

Rewards of Quitting Smoking
A quick reminder of the benefits that begin as early as eight hours after you quit smoking. From Health Canada.

On the Road to Quitting Smoking
A step-by-step guide to quitting smoking. From Health Canada.

Tobacco - Health Concerns
Information on the tobacco industry, how to quit smoking, and tobacco and health facts. From Health Canada.

Canadian Provincial Lung Associations
Check with your Canadian provincial lung association for local programs to quit smoking. List from the Canadian Lung Association.

Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages
A collection of the graphic ads and information messages that appear on Canadian cigarette packages. From Health Canada.

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