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Vehicle Registration and Licence Plates in Canada

Vehicle registration and issuing licence plates are handled by the provincial governments in Canada. Here's where to find information on registering your vehicle, renewing your vehicle registration and getting licence plates in each of the provinces and territories in Canada.
  1. Drivers Licences in Canada

Alberta Vehicle Registration
Information on first-time motor vehicle registration, transferring vehicle registration and renewing yourregistration in the province of Alberta. Renewing your vehicle registration can be done either in person or online.

British Columbia Vehicle Registration
Registering your vehicle in British Columbia, including specialty vehicles and specialty licence plates.

Manitoba Vehicle Registration
What you need to know about registering your vehicle in Manitoba, including information on vehicle ownership transfers.

New Brunswick Vehicle Registration Services
Motor vehicle registration in New Brunswick can be done in person at Service New Brunswick offices. Vehicle registration renewals can also be made online or by phone.

Newfoundland and Labrador Vehicle Registration
The details on registration of vehicles in Newfoundland and Labrador. Vehicle registration renewals can be made online.

Northwest Territories Vehicle Registration
What you need to register your vehicle in the Northwest Territories and where to find a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Issuing Office.

Nova Scotia Vehicle Registration
Detailed information on vehicle information and licence plates in Nova Scotia. Vehicle permits can be renewed online.

Nunavut Vehicle Registration
Issuing agents for motor vehicle permits in Nunavut. Includes contact information.

Ontario Vehicle Registration
Information on licensing a vehicle in the province of Ontario and renewing Ontario licence plates.

PEI Vehicle Registration
Where and how to register a vehicle in Prince Edward Island. Vehicle registrations can be renewed online.

Quebec Vehicle Registration
Registration and licensing for all types of vehicles in Quebec.

Saskatchewan Vehicle Registration
How to register a vehicle in Saskatchewan and buy the basic package of insurance required. You can search for motor vehicle licence issuers across the province.

Yukon Vehicle Registration
Answers to most of the questions you'll have about registering a vehicle in Yukon, and the form to renew your vehicle registration online.

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