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Swimming and Boating Safety in Canada

Summer Swimming and Boating Safety for Canadians


With good weather and some free time, Canadians turn eagerly to the water. Here are some places to bone up on those swimming and boating safety rules you might have forgotten since last year.

Water Safety Courses From the Red Cross

A good place to learn about water safety is with a Canadian Red Cross swimming course. Red Cross swimming courses include:

  • Red Cross Swim Preschool - Eight levels and children can start and finish based on age and ability.

  • Red Cross Swim Kids - Ten levels teach both swimming and water safety.

  • Red Cross Swim@School - Teaches school-aged children swimming, fitness and water-safety skills. Children receive a certificate summarizing their skills.

  • AquaSquirts - For children under 11, this program helps with breath control, coordination and propulsion and complements their progress through swimming levels.

  • Red Cross Swim for Adults and Teens - Three programs to learn swimming, improve strokes and sample swimming sports.

For information on courses in your neighbourhood, use Find a Course or call your local Red Cross office.

Boating Safety in Canada

The federal government Office of Boating Safety from Transport Canada is the best source of information on the laws and responsibilities of boat owners and operators in Canada.

Pat Drummond's Boating in Canada also has some excellent safety information, including distress signals, fueling safety, a sail plan form, security and prevention of hypothermia.

For information on boating safety courses, check the Transport Canada database of accredited course providers in Canada.

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