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Same-Sex Marriages in Canada

While the Canadian federal government struggles with the issue of same-sex marriages and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, many provinces in Canada allow same-sex marriages.

Quebec Allows Same-Sex Marriages
The Quebec Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of same-sex marriages and Quebec becomes the third Canadian province to allow gay marriages.

Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriages
Justice Canada explains the Supreme Court Decision on same-sex marriages.

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Goes to Supreme Court
The federal government asks the Supreme Court for its opinion on the constitutionality of the draft bill on same-sex marriages.

Same-Sex Marriages Legal in BC
British Columbia becomes the second Canadian province to allow gay marriages.

Canada to Make Same-Sex Marriages Legal
The Canadian federal government will introduce legislation to redefine marriage to include same-sex unions.

Ontario Court Allows Same-Sex Marriages
Ontario's highest court says that prohibiting same-sex marriages is against the Canadian Charter of Rights and provides a new definition for marriage.

Debate on Same-Sex Marriages in Canada
The federal government keeps its options open and refers the issue of same-sex marriages in Canada to a parliamentary committee.

Same-sex Marriages Discussion Paper
November 2002 paper prepared by Justice Canada on possible government approaches to same-sex marriages and the legal ramifications for Canada.

Equal Marriage in Canada
Egale, a Canadian national lobby group for gays and lesbians, tracks the push for same-sex marriage in Canada from its starting point in the provincial courts, to its debate in parliament, to the final judgement in the Supreme Court.

Same-Sex Rights in Canada - Timeline
CBC timeline of the evolution of same-sex rights in Canada.

Manitoba to Extend Property Rights
In July 2002, the province of Manitoba introduced legislation to amend 56 statutes to extend property rights to common law couples, including same-sex partners.

Quebec Civil Unions
June 2002 law passed in Quebec avoids the term "marriage" and allows same-sex partners to enter into a civil union with parental rights as well as property and inheritance rights.

Same-Sex Rights - International Timeline
CBC timeline of the evolution of same-sex rights in other countries, including the United States.

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