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Consumer Scams in Canada

Pay attention to these warnings, alerts and safety precautions and protect yourself from consumer scams and fraud in Canada.
  1. Invention Company Scams

How to Avoid Work at Home Scams
Five of the most common work at home scams and how to avoid them. From Susan Ward, About.com Small Business Canada.

Canadian Lottery Scam
This telemarketing scam targets Americans, especially seniors. Judy Hedding, About.com Phoenix, explains how the scam works and how to protect yourself.

Reporting Scams and Fraud
The RCMP provides information on how to promote different types of scams and fraud.

Latest Scams - RCMP
The RCMP highlights the latest scams and frauds making the rounds.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (formerly PhoneBusters)
This organization tells how to spot scams and how to report them in Canada.

Counterfeit Bank Notes
How to tell if a Canadian bill is counterfeit, and what to do if it is. From the Bank of Canada.

Identify Theft
How to protect your personal information and prevent its use for fraudulent purposes. From the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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