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Find information on the Senate of Canada - how it works, senators, Senate Committees, the rules of the Senate and the record.
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Justin Trudeau Moves on Senate Reform
Justin Trudeau surprises with some innovative ideas on Senate reform, including removing Liberal senators from national Liberal caucus.

Investigations of Canadian Senate Expenses
Ongoing investigations into the Senate expenses scandal will keep the question of whether to reform or abolish the Canadian Senate alive.

Auditor General to Do Comprehensive Audit of Senate
Rattled enough by the Senate expenses scandal, Conservative and Liberal Senators invite Auditor General to do comprehensive audit on Senate.

Canadian Senators Expenses - Audits and Scandal
Canadians are furious as Senate audits reveal mismanagmeent, greed and possible criminal activity.

Canadian Senators' Expenses - Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin
The scandal surrounding the Senate expenses of Mike Duffy and other Senators is making Canadians think seriously about reforming or abolishing the Canadian Senate.

How Do We Fix the Canadian Senate?
The Conservative government asks the Supreme Court for advice on how to fix the Canadian Senate.

Senate Reform in Canada
The Conservatives try again to fix Senate terms and encourage the provinces to elect "nominees" to be appointed to the Senate.

Canadian Senators
Current members of the Canadian Senate.

Role of Canadian Senators
The main job functions of senators in Canada.

Speaker of the Senate of Canada
As well as presiding over the business of the Senate, the Speaker receives heads of state and government delegations.

The Persons Case
In the 1920's, five Alberta women fought all the way to the British Privy Council so that women could be recognized as persons and be eligible to become members of the Senate of Canada.

Cairine Wilson, First Canadian Woman Senator
It was 1930 before Cairine Wilson became the first woman to be appointed to the Senate in Canada, and it took another 23 years before a second woman was appointed.

Parliament of Canada - An Introduction
Learn how the Senate fits into the Parliament of Canada, the legislative branch of the Canadian federal government.

Canadian Parliament Glossary
Definitions of Canadian government terms relating to Parliament in Canada.

Salaries of Canadian Senators
All senators get paid a base salary, and some get bonuses for extra responsibilities such as Leader of the Government or Leader of the Opposition, being a whip or chairing a committee.

Senate Rules
Detailed rules of the Senate of Canada.

Nigel Wright Biography
Nigel Wright's career runs into trouble when he tries to handle the Senate expenses scandal.

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