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Symbols of Provinces of Canada

Discover the official symbols and emblems for each of the provinces and territories of Canada, including the motto, provincial flag, coat of arms, flower, bird, tree, gemstone and tartan.

Canadian Provincial Mottoes
The provinces of Canada each have an official motto inscribed in their coat of arms or crest.

Provincial Flower Emblems of Canada
Each of Canada's provinces and territories has an official flower emblem.

Provincial Bird Emblems of Canada
These are the official bird emblems of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Provincial Trees of Canada
Each of the provinces and territories in Canada has an official tree emblem, except for the territory of Nunavut.

Origin of Names of Canadian Provinces
The history of the names of Canadian provinces and territories.

Alberta Symbols and Emblems
Coat of arms, flag, provincial colours, official stone, mammal, bird, fish, flower, tree and tartans for the province of Alberta, Canada.

British Columbia Symbols
Coat of arms, flag, official gemstone, flower, bird, tree and tartan for the province of British Columbia, Canada. From the government of British Columbia.

New Brunswick Symbols
New Brunswick coat of arms, provincial flag, flower, bird, tree and tartan. From the government of New Brunswick.

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Flag
The official flag of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador was adopted in 1980.

Newfoundland Symbols
Official flower, tree, bird, game bird, mineral and tartan of the province of Newfoundland, Canada. From Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage.

Northwest Territories Symbols
The official seal, mace, flag, flower, tree, bird, mineral, gemstone, and tartan of the Northwest Territories, Canada. From the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia Symbols and Emblems
Nova Scotia's coat of arms and flag, and its official flower, tree, bird, mineral, gemstone and tartan. The province has a provincial dog and a provincial berry too! From the government of Nova Scotia.

Nunavut Symbols
Symbolism of the flag and coat of arms of Nunavut, Canada's newest territory.

Ontario Symbols
The coat of arms, flag, official flower, tree, bird and mineral of the province of Ontario, Canada.

Prince Edward Island Symbols
PEI's provincial flag, coat of arms, flower, bird, tree and tartan. Information on the provincial soil of Prince Edward Island and background and words to "The Island Hymn."

Quebec National Flag and Emblems
Information on the provincial flag of Quebec, the coat of arms, the motto and the floral and tree emblems of the province of Quebec. From the government of Quebec.

Saskatchewan Symbols and Emblems
The coat of arms, flag, official flower, tree, bird and mineral, the wheat sheaf symbol, and the tartan of the province of Saskatchewan. From the Protocol Office of the government of Saskatchewan.

Yukon Symbols
Information on the flag, coat of arms, floral emblem, official bird, official tree, gemstone and tartan for the Yukon Territory.

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