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Canadian Passport Applications


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Documents Required for Canadian Passport Applications

The following documents must be submitted with your Canadian passport application form, photos and fee. Check ahead of time that you have all the necessary documents, and allow extra time if you need to apply for one of these documents before making your passport application.

Proof of Identity for Canadian Passport Application

You must submit at least one document to support your identity and the name to appear in your Canadian passport. This document must be issued by a federal, provincial, or municipal government. It must be valid and must include both your name and signature. A provincial drivers licence is a good example. Original documents will be returned to you. If you submit photocopies, submit copies of both sides of the document. Your guarantor must sign and date all copies.

A previous Canadian passport (not a photocpy) can be used as proof of identification if it is still valid, or submitted within a year of expiry, and the name is the same as that used on the current passport application.

Further documentation may be required.

Proof of Canadian Citizenship for Canadian Passport Application

You must submit original proof of Canadian citizenship:

  • If born inside Canada - either a birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship. (See changes to birth certificate requirements effective February 01, 2011.)

  • If born outside Canada - a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization, a Certificate of Retention of Canadian Citizenship or a Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad.

Travel Documents Required for Canadian Passport Application

Enclose any valid Canadian passport. Expired passports do not need to be submitted. If you have a current passport that expires more than 12 months after the date of your application, include a written explanation of why you are applying early.

You must also submit any other travel document issued in the last five years.

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