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Canadian Women in History

The achievements and struggles of women in the history and development of Canada.
  1. Persons Case (6)
  2. Women in Government
  3. Women in World War II

10 Firsts for Canadian Women in Government
Ten historical firsts for Canadian women in government, from the first Canadian woman MP to the first Canadian woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Persons Case
It took a long legal and political battle for five Alberta women to succeed in having women recognized as persons under the BNA Act in the 1920s.

Canadian Women's Achievements
Canadian women's achievements in politics, science, sports, activism, society, music, literature, the book trade and librarianship. National Library of Canada site to celebrate Women's History Month.

Herstory Exhibit
An exhibition on the feminist project Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar. Covers Canadian women in society, arts and leisure, the professions and politics.

Women in British Columbia History
An overview of the role of women in the development of the province of British Columbia. Includes several biographies and classroom activities for Grade 10. From the BC Archives Amazing Time Machine.

Martha Black - First Lady of the Yukon
The story of Martha Black and her husband George Black. Martha Black, known as the First Lady of the Yukon, left a life of privilege in 1898 Chicago to build a new life for herself in the Yukon. From ExploreNorth.

Mary Ann Shadd
The story of Mary Ann Shadd, an abolitionist, educator and integrationist in the 1800s in Upper Canada. From Black History Canada.

Our Canadian Girl
Historical fiction for girls ages 8-11 from Penguin Books Canada. Books include historical context, map and timeline and there are suggestions for classroom activities on the Web site.

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