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Canada Online: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Canadians Can Check the Status of Their Tax...
When and how to check on the status of your Canadian income tax refund and what might be holding it up.
How to File Your Canadian Income Tax Return
The basics you need to know to file your Canadian income taxes.
Abbreviations for Canada's 13 Provinces and...
Use these official postal abbreviations of provinces and territories in Canada on mail to and in Canada.
What's the Minimum Wage in Your Province?
The hourly minimum wage in Canada in each of the provinces and territories.
What are Postal Codes in Canada?
Look up postal codes for Canada using street addresses. Find out what the format means, and where to place them in address labels.
5 Easy Ways to Get a Canadian Income Tax Package
How to get a Canadian income tax package - online, by mail, by phone or in person.
How to Shop Online and Ship to Canada
If you're in Canada and shopping online at U.S. stores, don't let hidden costs catch you by surprise. Here's what to watch for.
What's the Legal Drinking Age in Canada?
The legal drinking age in Canada is set by the individual provinces and territories.
Canadian Sales Tax Rates
Check the current rates for sales taxes (GST, PST and HST) in each of the provinces and territories in Canada.
Do You Need a T5 Tax Slip to File Your Taxes?
Explanation of T5 tax slips for investment income issued to taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.
How to File Your Canadian Income Taxes Online
Most Canadians can use NETFILE to file their income taxes online. Here's how.
What You Need to Know When Filing Canadian Tax...
Explanation of T4 tax slips for employment income for taxpayers to use for their Canadian income tax returns.
13 Canadian Embassies and Consulates in the U.S.
Contact information for the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC, and Canadian consulates in the United States.
You Can Change Your Tax Return Online or by Mail
If you need to make changes to your Canadian income tax return, here's how to do it online and by mail.
Get Your Personal Income Tax Information Online
My Account, a Canada Revenue Agency service, provides online access to your personal income tax information.
Customs Exemptions for Returning Canadian...
Customs exemptions for Canadian residents bringing goods into Canada increase June 1, 2012.
How Do You Pay Your Canadian Income Taxes?
Different methods of paying the balance owing on your Canadian income taxes.
Quick Access Income Tax and Benefit Service
Get fast access to some of your basic Canadian personal income tax and benefit account information with this CRA service.
Do You Know How Much Your MP Makes?
On April 1, 2014, the salaries of Canadian members of parliament went up 2.2 percent.
How Much Alcohol Can Visitors Bring Into Canada?
Customs regulations and duty-free allowances for visitors bringing alcohol into Canada.
Do You Need a T4A Tax Slip to File Your Income...
Explanation of T4A tax slips for pension, retirement, annuity and other income.
Bringing Alcohol Home: Customs Regulations for...
Customs regulations and duty-free allowances for returning canadian residents bringing alcohol into Canada.
Can You Name All 14 of Canada's Capital Cities?
The capital cities of Canada - the national capital and capital cities of the provinces and territories of Canada.
How Much Will It Cost You to File Your Taxes...
If you file your Canadian income taxes late, you may have to pay both a penalty and interest.
When Did the Provinces and Territories Enter...
Canadian Confederation took place in 1867, and originally included four provinces. There are now 10 provinces and three territories in Canada.
What is a T4A?
Description of a T4A income tax information slip in Canada.
Why and When You Can Expect a T3 Tax Slip
Explanation of T3 tax slips for mutual funds and trust income for taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.
What Does the Canada Revenue Agency Do?
Description of the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA and what it does.
Legal Smoking Age in Canada
Legal Smoking Age in Canada - Definition of legal minimum age to buy tobacco products as determined by individual provinces and territories in Canada.
My Service Canada Account
How to view and update your personal EI, CPP and OAS files online using a My Service Canada Account.
First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC)
If you are a first-time home buyer in Canada, you could be eligible for a non-refundable tax credit of $750.
How to Use Your RRSPs to Help Buy Your First Home
The Home Buyers Plan lets Canadian residents use their RRSPs to help pay for a first home without tax consequences.
Free Clinics Help Eligible Taxpayers Do Their...
Free clinics help prepare Canadian income tax returns for those with a low income and a simple tax situation.
Description of a T3 income tax information slip in Canada.
NETFILE Access Code
A NETFILE access code is no longer required to use NETFILE to file your Canadian income taxes online.
age of majority
Age of Majority - Definition of age of majority as determined by individual provinces and territories in Canada.
Description of a T5 income tax information slip in Canada.
Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
Ontario combines its provincial sales tax and the federal goods and services tax to create a single harmonized sales tax (HST).
How To Apply For a Canada Old Age Security...
Simple step-by-step instructions on applying for your old age security pension in Canada
Winnipeg General Strike 1919
A massive general strike crippled the city of Winnipeg in the summer of 1919. Government reaction was aggressive and the workers gained little.
Canadian Employment Insurance Rules
Rules and filing claimants reports to receive Employment Insurance benefits when you're unemployed in Canada.
Role of the Prime Minister of Canada
The responsibilities of the Prime Minister of Canada, the most powerful role in Canadian politics.
Know the Rules About Bringing Alcohol Into Canada
Customs regulations for bringing alcohol into Canada.
Canadian Passport Applications
Who qualifies as a guarantor for a Canadian passport application, the responsibilities of Canadian passport guarantors, and who to use as references. Page 5.
T4 Slips and Other Canadian Income Tax Slips
Common T4 and other income tax slips issued for Canadian taxpayers to use when filing their Canadian income tax returns.
Ways to File Your Canadian Income Taxes
You can file your taxes by mail, online, or by using a service provider. Select the method that suits you best.
Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in...
The basics on temporary work permits for foreign workers in Canada - which foreign workers in Canada need a temporary work permit and which do not, how to apply for a temporary work permit, and how they work.
Children's Fitness Tax Credit
This non-refundable tax credit lets you claim $500 per child in eligible fees to encourage their physical activity.
T4A(P) Tax Slips for Canadian Income Taxes
Explanation of T4A(P) tax slips for Canada Pension Plan benefits issued to taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.
How to Get Answers to Your Specific Canadian...
Here's where to get help with specific questions you have about your Canadian income taxes.
The Persons Case
In the Persons Case in the 1920s, five Alberta women fought and won a legal and political battle to have women recognized as persons under the BNA Act.
Unclaimed Bank Accounts in Canada
How to find and claim unclaimed bank balances from dormant accounts in Canada free of charge.
Online Application for Canadian Employment...
How to apply online for Canadian employment insurance.
How Canada Got Its Name
The name Canada was first used by Jacques Cartier in 1535. It wasn't the only name considered by the Fathers of Confederation in 1867 though.
4 Ways to Find Your RRSP Contribution Limit
Four ways to find out your RRSP contribution limit for your income taxes in Canada.
Children's Arts Tax Credit
This non-refundable tax credit encourages a wide range of activities that help a child's development and complements the Children's Fitness Tax Credit.
Canadian Employment Insurance Benefits
Canadian Employment Insurance and types of unemployment benefits in Canada.
Description of a T4 income tax information slip in Canada.
Date of Ontario Provincial Election
The date of the next Ontario election and how Ontario election dates are decided.
How to Change Your Address With the CRA
Be sure to inform the Canada Revenue Agency when you move, so benefit payments and refunds are not disrupted.
The National Flag of Canada
It wasn't until 1965 that Canada had its own national flag. Learn about the controversy surrounding its design and the symbolism of the maple leaf flag.
T4RSP Tax Slips
Explanation of T4RSP tax slips for RRSP income issued to taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.
age of consent
Age of consent in Canada - Definition of the age of consent for sexual activity in Canada.
Did You Know You Can Get Your Official T4(OAS)...
Explanation of T4A(OAS) tax slips for old age security income for Canadian taxpayers.
Temporary Resident Visas for Canada
How long it takes to get a temporary resident visa for Canada. Page 6.
Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald
The first Prime Minister of Canada and a Father of Confederation, Sir John A. Macdonald combined a vision of Canada with alcoholism.
Canadian Immigration Status Online
Many potential immigrants to Canada can now check the status of their Canadian immigration applications using the Client Application Status online service from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
T4E Tax Slips for Canadian Income Taxes
Explanation of T4E tax slips for Employment Insurance benefits for taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.
Battle of Dieppe
The Dieppe raid in World War II was a test for the full-scale invasion of western Europe, and it was a disaster for the Canadians.
History of Capital Punishment in Canada
Timeline of the history of the death penalty in Canada and the gradual abolition of capital punishment.
Jacques Cartier
French navigator Jacques Cartier explored the east coast of Canada and the St. Lawrence River and was responsible for naming Canada.
Bringing Tobacco Into Canada - Returning...
Customs regulations and duty-free allowances for returning Canadian residents bringing tobacco into Canada.
British North America Act - BNA Act
The British North America Act, now called the Constitution Act 1867, is one of the base documents of the Canadian constitution.
Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King
Mackenzie King was the longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada and introduced many of Canada's social welfare policies. Bland in public, he had a quirky spiritual side.
Taxpayer Relief From Canadian Tax Penalties or...
Under exceptional circumstances you can apply to the CRA to have income tax penalties or interest reduced or cancelled.
Nellie McClung
Canadian Nellie McClung championed the vote for women and temperance, and was key in the fight for women to be recognized as persons in the Persons Case.
Bringing Tobacco Into Canada
Customs regulations for bringing tobacco into Canada.
Mailing Gifts to Canada
How to stay clear of duties and taxes when mailing gifts to Canada.
Prime Ministers of Canada
Prime Ministers of Canada and their terms of office since Confederation in 1867.
Reading PDF Files
How to read PDF files. Canada Online.
Quebec Facts
Key facts about the province of Quebec, Canada - geography, government and industry.
Role of the Governor General of Canada
Appointment and role of the Governor General of Canada, the representative of the Queen in Canada.
How Much Canadian Senators Are Paid
Canadian senators make a basic salary and get paid extra for additional responsibilities, such as chairing Senate committees.
Canadian Members of Parliament
Current federal Members of Parliament in Canada.
The Halifax Explosion in 1917
The collision of two ships in Halifax Harbour during World War I caused the world's largest man-made explosion before the nuclear age.
Role of Provincial Premiers in Canada
Provincial premiers in Canada are the heads of government in the provinces, and they have the responsibilities to go with that leadership role.
goods and services tax - GST
Definition of the goods and services tax or GST in Canada.
Canadian Employment Insurance Applications
How, where and when to submit applications for employment insurance in Canada.
Canadian Medical Marijuana Regulations
Canadian federal government regulations give access to medical marijuana for the seriously ill.
Look up Canadian Gvoernment Terms
Look up definitions of terms used in Canadian federal and provincial governments.
Reporting Money to Customs at the Canadian Border
Customs regulations for reporting money at the Canadian border, when you either enter or leave Canada.
International Driving Permit for Canadians
Canadians travelling abroad should consider getting an International Driving Permit (IDP). It's simple and inexpensive.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge
The Battle of Vimy Ridge in World War I was the first time Canadians fought as a national unit.
Ottawa, the Capital City of Canada
Key facts about Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, including population, government, attractions and the weather.
harmonized sales tax - HST
Definition of the harmonized sales tax or HST in Canada.
Guaranteed Income Supplement - GIS
This federal government program provides money for eligible low-income seniors in Canada to supplement their Old Age Security (OAS) pensions.
Emily Murphy
Social activist Emily Murphy was the first woman police magistrate in Canada. She led the fight for women to be recognized as persons in the Persons Case.
How To Replace a Lost or Stolen Canadian Passport
Simple step-by-step instructions on replacing a lost or stolen Canadian passport
Role of Canadian Senators
Canadian senators review legislation, act as watchdogs on the federal government and represent regional constituents.
Riding - definition of an election riding in Canadian elections
Nova Scotia Facts
A founding province of Canada, Nova Scotia is nearly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and is known for high tides, lobster, fish, blueberries and apples.
Roberta Bondar
The first Canadian woman in space, Roberta Bondar is a doctor, a research scientist, an environmental educator, and an exciting nature photographer.
Chinese Head Tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act...
From 1885 to 1923 Chinese immigration to Canada was discouraged by a head tax, and then by the Canadian Chinese Exclusion Act.
Role of Canadian Members of Parliament
The role and responsibilities of Canadian members of parliament.
Child Car Seats and Seat Belts in Canada
Government regulations for child car seats and seat belts in Canada, including installation, tips and safety alerts.
Winnipeg, the Capital of Manitoba
Key facts about Winnipeg, Manitoba, including population, Winnipeg city government, attractions and the weather.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Biography, professional and political background of Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Canadian Old Age Security (OAS) Pension Changes
The Canadian government raises the eligible age for Old Age Security benefits to age 67, but gives plenty of notice.
How To Join the RCMP
Simple step-by-step instructions on joining Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the RCMP.
Fathers of Confederation - Canada
The representatives of British North America colonies who attended the three major conferences on Canadian Confederation.
Is the Official Language of Canada English or...
Official languages - definition of official languages in Canada.
October Crisis Timeline
Events during the October Crisis in Canada in 1970, when the FLQ kidnapped two public officials and the War Measures Act was invoked.
Canadian Provinces and Territories - Key Facts
Fact sheets on the provinces and territories of Canada - geography, government and industry.
The Prime Minister of Canada
Learn about the role of the Prime Minister of Canada, the current Prime Minister of Canada and Canadian prime ministers in history.
Description of a T4RSP income tax information slip in Canada.
Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Prime Minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911, was the first francophone Prime Minister of Canada.
member of the legislative assembly - MLA
Member of the legislative assembly - definition of member of the legislative assembly or MLA in Canada.
Study Permits for Canada
How long it takes to get a study permit for Canada. Page 6.
Alberta Facts
Key facts about the province of Alberta, Canada - geography, government and industry.
Ridings for Federal Elections in Canada
Find information on ridings and electoral districts for federal elections in Canada.
Write to the Prime Minister of Canada
Contact information to write, phone or fax Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada.
Old Age Security - OAS
Description of the Old Age Security pension in Canada.
head of state
Definition of the head of state in Canada.
Canadian High Commission and Consulates in India
Contact information for the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi and Canadian consulates in India.
halifax capital nova scotia population area...
Key facts about Halifax, Nova Scotia, including population, Halifax regional government, Halifax attractions and the weather.
Battle of Ypres 1915
In 1915, the second Battle of Ypres established the reputation of the Canadians as a fighting force as they held their ground against chlorine gas attacks.
Who Can Vote in Canadian Federal Elections
Eligibility requirements for voting in a Canadian federal election.
Canadian Embassies and Consulates Online
Index to Canadian embassies and consulates online - Web sites, street addresses and phone and fax numbers.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien
Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada - biography, professional and political background.
Applying for the CPP Retirement Pension
Things you need to know to apply for the Canada Pension Plan retirement pension.
Prince Edward Island Facts
Key facts about the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada - geography, government and industry.
Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta
Key facts about the city of Edmonton, Alberta, including population, municipal government, Edmonton attractions and the weather.
Changing Your Postal Address Online
When you move, you can change your Canadian mailing address online using a Web tool from Canada Post.
Applications for Canadian Permanent Resident...
How to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card or renew your Canadian Permanent Resident Card.
Canadian Forces Recruiting
The Canadian Forces are looking for thousands of recruits in nearly all careers.
Prime Minister R.B. Bennett
A self-made millionaire, Prime Minister R.B. Bennett was interested in money and power, but he could not save Canada from the Great Depression.
Statistics on Languages in Canada
2001 Census Canada statistics on the many languages spoken in Canada.
Canadian World War I Posters Gallery
Pictures of Canadian war posters from World War I.
How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship
Step by step instructions on how to apply to become a Canadian citizen
Prime Minister Kim Campbell
Kim Campbell was the first woman to be Prime Minister of Canada. She can also claim other firsts for Canadian women in government.
Canadian Premiers
Index to present and past Canadian premiers of the provinces and territories of Canada.
Definition and origin of name Winnipeg.
Gardening in Canada
Information on gardening zones, landscaping and horticulture resources for your Canadian garden.
Yukon Elections Voters Lists
Voters lists for elections in the Yukon, Canada.
Great Depression in Canada Pictures
These pictures of the Great Depression in Canada show the pain and desperation of soup kitchens, relief camps, protest marches and drought.
Manitoba Facts
Key facts about Manitoba, the province right in the centre of Canada.
EFILE is a Canadian federal government service for filing income tax returns online.
Parliament of Canada - An Introduction
Learn the basics about the Parliament of Canada, the legislative branch of the Canadian federal government.
Tommy Douglas
Tommy Douglas was an inspiring leader, as a Baptist minister, as Premier of Saskatchewan and as the first leader of the New Democratic Party.
Ontario Facts
Key facts about the province of Ontario, Canada - geography, government and industry.

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